When Blacks Have Something to Live For Yet Die Too Soon

When Blacks Have Something to Live For Yet Die Too Soon

Prince performed at IAAM Conference in 1980s in DC

A Tribute to Prince

‘I will die for you’ words made famous by Prince take on a special meaning now that he has passed. In his lifetime, Prince grabbed the golden ring; a chance that most can only imagine. The masses adored him not only for his music but for his one of a kind artistic style. Prince’s professional career spanned over 40 years. He signed his first recording contract at age eighteen. In any other career field, most would say that he earned a well deserved retirement to forever enjoy his golden years. As recently as Sunday before his death, Prince was seen out riding his bicycle. Even then if he wanted, it could instead have been him taking a ride around town with a lady in a red Corvette.

As I grieve the loss of one of our most magnificent music icons, it makes me think about Prince not the artist but, citizen Prince. Prince Nelson Rogers, flesh and blood man, both his parents were music artists; he was a sibling of 9; Prince married twice; and he had a son who died in infancy. Prince died alone. When his body was discovered at home in the elevator, the 911 caller could barely articulate that Prince was unconscious; died. The caller on his cell phone was not able to give the dispatcher even with coaching Prince’s address which was obviously unknown to him.

Older Americans must give themselves permission to have quality of life beyond work. Prince never left Minneapolis where it rains purple because he wanted to continue to be a part of his community. Much of his music was inspired by him being there.

Family members, look in on your loved ones despite of what you believe about their wellness financially and socially or otherwise. Everyone one needs to have the in-person experience of love and forever know that they have something for which to live; never to die alone.


1. without being affected by; in spite of.
“he remains a great leader despite age and infirmity”
synonyms: in spite of, notwithstanding, regardless of, in the face of, for all, even with