UD’s School of Fashion-Synergy Fashion Group & Lee Brandon Christopher Studio ANNOUNCE:...

UD’s School of Fashion-Synergy Fashion Group & Lee Brandon Christopher Studio ANNOUNCE: Dream Big – Where Art & Fashion Dream Together!

Chris Brown - Lee Brandon Christopher Studio, owner

It is summer here in Delaware and everyone is at the beach watching the sun go down.  It’s a beautiful view, but fall will soon arrive.  The leaves on the trees will start to turn colors, and we are dreaming of ushering in the fall with the “Dream Big – Where Art & Fashion Dream Together” campaign.

This campaign will shine a spotlight on Delaware’s rich supply of talented local artists and highlights another form of art that does not always get its proper recognition in Delaware: Fashion.  We dream of a campaign that allows artists and fashion designers alike to share their creations in an intimate setting and allows for access to their creative forces we’ve only dreamed of.

Lee Brandon Christopher Studio, a small art studio with the audacity to Dream Big and connect artists and art lovers, will partner with renowned local artists such as Terrance Vann, Alim Smith, Marylin Bauman, Nicole Kristina, Ric Conn and many more.  In conjunction with the University of Delaware’s School of Fashion & Art, we will feature the “Dream Big” campaign which will be a celebration of art, fashion and scholarship in the heart of our community.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the University of Delaware’s art and fashion student organizations for additional education and enrichment opportunities.  In addition, a portion of the proceeds will support artistic activities in the City of Wilmington by donating to several organizations that serve low-income families: Northeast Church of Christ, First State Church of Christ and TeenSharp.  The “Dream Big” Art and Fashion Campaign is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events in the area.

We will be celebrating Art & Fashion at the newly refurbished Wilmington Library with several activities in September: An art and fashion showcase on display throughout the month of September, several artist forums, a back to school supply drive, a fashion / clothing drive, and youth art lessons.

On October 7th, 2017, we will hold our Dream Big Black Tie Gala, at The University of Delaware’s beautiful Clayton Conference Center.  The show will consist of a collection of local artists, as well as a fashion show with original designs from The University of Delaware’s fashion students: Synergy Fashion Group.  This is truly an amazing and fulfilling opportunity to reach out and generate interest in art and fashion.

Join Us! Attend our preview reception, get involved as an event sponsor, and attend an event to witness the excitement for yourself!