The Delaware Historical Society’s 2017 Delaware History Makers Award Delaware Business: A...

The Delaware Historical Society’s 2017 Delaware History Makers Award Delaware Business: A Tradition of Innovation and Success

Tenth Delaware History Makers Award Dinner to be held on April 25, 2017 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront


The Delaware History Makers Award recognizes individuals and/or entities that have made extraordinary and lasting contributions to the quality of life in Delaware, our nation, or the world. The theme for the 2017 program is Delaware Business: A Tradition of Innovation and Success.

In its tenth year, the Delaware History Makers Award Committee has chosen to recognize Mr. Rodman Ward III, representing Corporation Service Company, and Chancellor Andre G, Bouchard, representing the Delaware Court of Chancery. Corporation Service Company and the Court of Chancery have adapted to changing times while resolving to remain true to their respective missions to the benefit of the First State.

This year’s theme acknowledges that innovation is not burdened by but rather informed by history.  History has been shaped by entrepreneurs and innovators who, by asking “why?” have impacted generations of people. In Delaware, business innovators have relied on historical knowledge to look at the familiar in new ways.  This legacy of innovation and business success offers an enviable quality of life in Delaware.

In 1899 the Delaware State Legislature enacted the General Corporation Law and, thus, laid the foundation for its legacy as a business-friendly state. Combined with the Court of Chancery, the nation’s oldest court of equity, Delaware became an even more desirable place to do business. Against this backdrop, Corporation Service Company was formed in the same year for the purpose of helping companies incorporate, operate, and comply with the General Corporation Law.

Additionally, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the History Makers Award, the committee chose to recognize ten businesses whose selection was based on longevity, corporate citizenship, and contributions to the quality of life in Delaware:

Bell Funeral Home (c. 1930s)
Mercantile Press (1884)
Bennett Orchards (1867)
The Pilots’ Assoc. for the Bay River Delaware (1896)
DuPont (1802)
I.G. Burton (1908)
Potter Anderson & Corroon (1826)
Kelly’s Logan House (1864)
Speakman Company (1869)
WSFS Bank (1832)


Mr. Rodman Ward III

President and CEO of Corporation Service Company (CSC) since 2010, Mr. Ward is a fourth-generation descendant of one of the company’s founders and served on the CSC board for more than 15 years prior to his election as CEO. Founded in 1899, CSC has become a world leader for business, legal and financial services. Today, CSC has more than 2,500 employees located in Delaware and 17 countries around the globe.

The Honorable Andre G. Bouchard

The Honorable Andre G. Bouchard was sworn in as Chancellor of the Court of Chancery in 2014. Previously, Chancellor Bouchard was the founding partner of a Delaware corporate and commercial litigation firm. The Court of Chancery celebrates its 225th anniversary this year, demonstrating the Court’s ability to apply principles of equity developed over two centuries to evolving economic and legal conditions in the 21st century.

The Delaware History Makers Award began in 2007. Past honorees include Mr. Ed Woolard, Mrs. Peggy Woolard, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Mrs. Toni Young, The Hon. Pete du Pont, Mr. Ken Burns, Mr. Harold R. “Tubby” Raymond, Dr. Carol Hoffecker, Rev. Roberto Balducelli, Rev. Canon Lloyd Casson, Mrs. Ellen Kullman, The Hon. Michael N. Castle, and Mr. Bryan Stevenson.

Proceeds from the event support the Delaware Historical Society’s award-winning educational programs that take place year-round throughout the state.

For tickets, sponsorship details and additional information, visit history-makers, or 302-655-7161.