Summer J Pops Brings Sweet Sunshine To Delaware Communities

Summer J Pops Brings Sweet Sunshine To Delaware Communities


The scent of mom’s apple pie, the moist richness of grandma’s red velvet cake, the jingle of the ice cream echoing a couple miles away… these things bring back sweet memories, don’t they? Queon Jackson, owner of Summer J Pops, wants to give Delawareans the delight of dessert, in an honest, healthy, and chilly treat.

Queon came to Delaware by way of Boston, Massachusetts, where he is from. He and his family recently relocated to this area after learning that a family member was grappling with health issues. Queon, a genuinely positive man, wanted to create something positive from this difficult circumstance, and from this intention came Summer J Pops.

Mr. Jackson’s delicious popsicles are named after his daughter, Summer. The news that his relative was ill came during Summer’s Baptism. Summer J Pops are representative of Queon’s love for his family, and the good times that they share.

“We associate dessert with positive memories… desserts are a universally fun time” Queon said as he explained his product and brand. He wanted to, “Create a product that is appreciated” and model in which, “Customer service is part of the experience.” Each ice pop is hand-crafted and made with consideration for the enjoyment of the customer. Queon’s pleasant demeanor adds to the sunny aesthetic of his sweet treats.

Summer J Pops are crafted with the health of the consumer in mind. The artisan ice pops are all natural and use ingredients sourced from local farmers. The ingredients are simple; they are, in the words of Queon, “Words you can pronounce.” The Summer J Pops brand thrives off of transparency–all ingredients are available online. In addition, Summer J Pops are gluten free and vegan; they are a pleasurable cold dessert for both the strictly health conscious and those with the voracious sweet tooth alike.

When asked about his thoughts about on being a black business owner, Queon offered meaningful insight. He said that he black business owners are important in communities of color; they “Give youth a symbol and a model to see they can do whatever they want if they put in the passion and the time.”

Queon Jackson has aligned his experience as an educational leader to use Summer J. as an opportunity to educate individuals, families, and communities with healthy living and healthy foods. He is a special assistant to the superintendent of Boston Public Schools, and he has often served as a mentor. He says his life has not been without it bumps, so he tells his mentees that, “There may be challenges,” but that these challenges “build character” and facilitate learning, “So that you can pursue with determination whatever your goals may be.”

Queon Jackson is more than a businessman; he is a social entrepreneur. His vision for the future of Summer J Pops is that it grows organically; Queon says he wants to, “Connect with individuals, families and communities.” His goal is to work with and provide jobs for individuals in at-risk communities. You can find Queon Jackson at local farmer’s market and other community events, bringing summer to the world through his frozen hand-crafted ice pops.

To learn more about Summer J Pops you can visit his website at  You can also Like them on Facebook @ Summer J. Artisan Ice Pops LLC.