Spring Skincare Revamp: Tips for Radiant Skin by Vaseline & Dr. Brooke...

Spring Skincare Revamp: Tips for Radiant Skin by Vaseline & Dr. Brooke Jackson

  1. Turn down the heat & Turn up the humidity: In the winter, we tend to shower with excessively hot water, so now that spring upon us, dial down that steamy heat to a comfortable warm (not hot) temperature and keep it to 10 minutes or less. Long hot showers feel great for the moment, however they will dry out your skin and will ultimately make it itchy, which can exacerbate other skin conditions like eczema. If you shower at night, sleeping with a small humidifier in your bedroom can also help replenish moisture in the air, ultimately benefitting your skin.
  2. Tune up your shower tools: Moist, wet Loofahs and bath sponges can harbor bacteria on the surface and in all those small holes. Over repeated use will introduce this to your skin potentially causing infection (folliculitis) to your skin so make sure to clean and dry them or replace them every month.
  3. Treat that bumpy winter skin: People with naturally curly hair tend to have bumpier skin because of the shape of the hair follicle. This is particularly noticeable on the backs of arms and legs. Gentle weekly exfoliation with a salt or sugar scrub can help to smooth skin.
  4. Lighten up your moisturizer: Spring and summer bring increased humidity in the environment (nature’s moisturizer) and heavier beauty products may be too occlusive. Change from a moisturizer that you scoop from a jar to a lighter version such as Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant lotion, specially formulated with 100% pure cocoa butter and micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly to help heal dry skin while revealing its natural glow.
  5. Spring Clean: toss & declutter: Just as you spring clean your closets, kitchen and pantries, it is important to do the same for your beauty cabinet.  Once the seal is broken on the product and it is opened, the product becomes exposed to bacteria, air and light which can cause break down over time making the product less effective. Even those that remain sealed can break down due to storage conditions (heat, humidity, light) some of which occurred prior to your purchase. Many beauty products are not regulated by the FDA and are therefore not required to have an expiration date.