Relationships are Key to Black Longevity

Relationships are Key to Black Longevity


Psalm 90:10 King James Bible
The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.

While in these turbulent days where guarantee of patriotism and citizenship hang in the balance, there are load-bearing components in life on which one should wholeheartedly rely. Are you in relationship with your family, church, community, and most of all yourself? Should you answer ‘No’ to any combination or all of the four, it’s time to build or rebuild on the fundamentals of your life’s foundation.

In scripture it is foretold that persons of every hue will live well into at least their 70s (threescore and ten? These are 4 relationships that matter most:

1st SELF
It’s human nature to plan to live and never make plans to die. Remarks of those close to retirement age often are, I’ll work a few more years. Young adults starting out on their own life’s journey typically articulate goals which include pursuing higher education or starting a new career and family of their own. More and more life opportunities materialize as challenges causing emotional stress and strife. Take the time and use your resources to be good to yourself. To be able to help others, you must first be able to help yourself.

True connection to your family, community, and church whether in good or bad times will help you face inevitable, seemingly insurmountable life events. My nephew at age 39 recently passed away leaving seven children, all but one under 18 years of age, without a father. Over weeks I witnessed his parents, my brother love on my sister-in-law as they together grieved the loss of her son, a child my brother raised as his own. At my nephew’s going home celebration, the outpouring of mourners is resounding evidence that this family truly possesses relationships that matter most.

To be in relationship with church is to know God. I had a discussion with a friend that as an elder, what do I say to young people at time of bereavement? He led me to the Bible (John Chapters 19 and 20) and Quran (Chapter 2). My advice to youth is in your words and deeds be unwavering in prayer for your soul to go to heaven when you die.

A reservoir of humanity is made over time and passed from generation to generation. To be in relationship with your community is to pay tribute to how society helped mold and shape you. To be in relationship with man-kind is to take complete, unconditional responsibility for your off-spring, first and foremost. There is no such thing as a perfect person however, everyone has a special gift defining their purpose in life.


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