Relationship Coach, Latoya Hart, Gives Wilmington Women Formula for Finding Their Soulmate

Relationship Coach, Latoya Hart, Gives Wilmington Women Formula for Finding Their Soulmate


Relationship Coach, Latoya Hart, dished out some powerful advice to a group of Wilmington women when she appeared as guest speaker at a Confessional Diaries event staged at the Brandywine Hundred Library.

The event was held on February 28 and was organized and hosted by, Shavonne Taylor, Leader and Founder of Confessional Diaries. Speaking under the theme of Self Love and Self Respect, Hart delivered a heartfelt, impactful and inspiring presentation on the subject. She provided helpful pointers on self love and gave the ladies the keys to having a great relationship with themselves that will help them become their ideal self and ultimately attract their soulmate.

Hart is passionate about empowering women to pursue a life of purpose. She is frequently referred to as theOlivia Pope of the heart due to her ability to help others find clarity and resolve in the midst of a storm. She is also the author of an inspiring new book called Braveheart which is set to be launched on March 10.

Founder of DETV and catalyst for the #wearlove movement, Ivan Thomas, was also in attendance. He shared an insider’s view of what the self love journey looks like from a male perspective and how having self love can foster great partnership.

A number of women from Wilmington and surrounding areas were in attendance. One attendee summed up the overall impact of the event. She said: “This was a super positive event. The positivity radiates right from her cheery personality. This event was filled to the brim with tips on how to cheer up your life, do more fun things.”

Hart’s next speaking engagement is scheduled for Wednesday March 8, 2017. It will be virtual conference by invitation only and will run from 9pm -9:30 pm EST. Individuals who are interested are being encouraged to text HART to 31669 for access to this exclusive event.  For further details visit: