Rapper In Racial Assault Out On Bail: New Details

Rapper In Racial Assault Out On Bail: New Details


Submitted by L. Burner (lburner1@gmail.com)

Rap artist Trigga Trig who was at the center of a controversial case with allegations that have summed up to a racist, hate crime and who is the center of a social media campaign, #FreeTriggaTrig, has indeed been released on bond. Originally, Trig whose real name is Eric Young, was held without bail. Reportedly, On Aug 31st, he was riding along with a female companion when a Caucasian man allegedly threw a tree branch and hit their car, following up with racial slurs and a physical confrontation which led only to Young’s arrest. (See original article). Young is on probation and though this incident was a violation he was given a bail for the V.O.P. but could not be released because he was denied bail on the assault.

Young had been held without bail since September 6th specifically due to what the court called “the senseless and violent nature of his crime and to protect the victim.”  This “senseless violence” account was, apparently, based only on the testimony of friends, including the female companion of the man he fought;  a man Young and his witness say verbally and physically assaulted both of them first. In addition to this, there was damage done to the vehicle caused by the branch thrown.

Eric Young aka Trigga Trig leaving courthouse in Elkton on Sept 20th

So one account, which is on the official police report, has Young randomly stopping his vehicle and knocking a strange man unconscious and fleeing.  The other account indicates a hate crime according to Young and the female in his vehicle; Young is African-American and the woman with him was Caucasian. In her witness account to Delawareblack.com, she stated she felt race was a factor because racism is common behavior in the Cecil County, Maryland area and because of the many racist slurs and warning to “Stay out of the neighborhood” all used by the Caucasian man involved.  But the woman was not present when Young was arrested a week later so other than in the media, her account has not been heard. But Young did attempt to tell his side, to no avail.  An unusual factor in the case is that the man involved in the fight declined to file charges when police arrived yet one officer on the scene filed charges based on finding the victim unconscious and the imbalanced testimony of his lady friend. It is that officer’s name that is listed as the complainant on the formal police report yet he was not present to witness the confrontation.  But there is physical evidence to the contrary of the random attack theory. Two of Young’s dreadlocks were ripped from his scalp. It takes a considerable amount of force and a concerted effort to do so. If Young simply and randomly executed a swift, sneak attack, knocking the unknown man out, how could this result in Young’s dreadlocks on the ground? Young’s legal team have possession of the dreadlocks to submit as evidence. At the very least, it would seem that their existence shows a mutual confrontation yet the consequences have been anything but mutual. The Caucasian man has yet to be arrested. In fact, if Young’s allegations are true, it would upgrade the unknown man’s case to a hate crime while by that man’s own witnesses’ description, Young’s crime would be a typical assault, as charged in the second degree. Hate crimes carry a heavier penalty. But no hate crime or any charge has been filed against the other man while Young was held without bail for two weeks, just freed and awaiting trial…. and his fate.

Please note: Because of the inflammatory nature of this story, some names were omitted for the privacy and protection of those involved.