Rapper Attacked, Jailed In Racially Charged Incident

Rapper Attacked, Jailed In Racially Charged Incident

Rapper Trigga Trig

Submitted by LBurner (lburner1@gmail.com)

A well-known Hip Hop artist from Delaware, Trigga Trig, who has appeared in Hip Hop Weekly, opened for Michael Blackson and performed with and vetted Waka Flocka artist, Cartier Kitten, has been arrested and jailed after defending himself in a racially motivated attack.

On Aug 31st, at approximately 10 am, Trigga Trig, whose real name is Eric Young, and who is African-American, was riding with a white female companion through a community in Cecil County Maryland on his way to a studio session, when he was startled by a loud thump that rocked his vehicle. He was able to ascertain that a White man, standing on his lawn with a woman, threw the object. According to the female traveling with Young, he got out of his car and asked, “What is your problem?” The unknown man immediately became belligerent and justified his reason, claiming Young was speeding and could have hit a child. Reportedly, the unknown man, who had effectively initiated an attack by throwing the branch, continued by berating Young with obscenities and racial slurs, calling him “N****r” and “boy.” According to Young’s female companion, Young was calm and diplomatic. He told the man. “I will slow down next time but you have no right to hit my car. I’m not your Nigger. I’m not your boy.” The Caucasian man allegedly responded; “F*** you, N****r! Stay out of my neighborhood!” The verbal confrontation escalated and the two men approached each other. The unknown man made first contact putting Young in a headlock. When the female companion tried to break up the fight, the white man hit her in the face.  A second white man, a neighbor, came outside to assist in the attack on Young. Young’s friend tried but was unable to help and left in the vehicle to get help while two men attacked Young, the first man holding him in a headlock.  Nonetheless, the fight ended when Young broke free and knocked the first unknown man who started the confrontation, unconscious and fled on foot. The woman on the lawn and the neighbors took pictures of Young and the aftermath with the man lying unconscious. Young’s friend stated none of the witnesses took pictures of Young in a headlock even though it lasted several minutes nor did they capture her trying to break it up or her being hit in the face by that same man.

Young who has distinctive red and blonde dreads was identified through cell phone pictures by police who arrived on the scene. He was arrested on September 6th and is being held in Cecil County, Maryland without bail. There is no doubt that Young’s criminal background has and will likely continue to be a focal point in this case.  While being arrested, Young reported that the other man provoked the attack, but those claims were marginalized and dismissed.

Neither Young or his alter ego “Trigga Trig” claim to be a boy scout. He does have a record. In fact, Young has served time on drug charges but was released when new evidence emerged.

An educated man, Young graduated high school with honors and attended college for two years. But his environment always played Tug-of-War. Ironically, it was Young’s book smarts that saved him from the street smarts that confined him….literally. With his research and diligence, he was able to prove that the charges under which he was being held were bogus, resulting in his release.

After his release, Young had become refocused on his music career, releasing a new album, “American Me” in September of 2017. The album is a chronicle of his experiences in the street and touches on love and loss as well. His first single from the album, “Voodoo” has thousands of streams on Spotify. His musical legacy is well-documented on his YouTube Channel, Free Agent TV. Videos that date back a decade paint a picture not of a gangsta or an angry rapper but a charismatic and fun-loving character that creates excitement and adventure among his peers.

But many people, even those who reading this story, have already judged him. By the time they reached the paragraph about his criminal past they had already diminished his liberties as less than that of the average law-abiding citizen. Still, others subconsciously made a decision based on the race factor. What was he even doing in Cecil County, Maryland; an area that is historically known for racism…and with a white woman, at that? But as of yet very few people have stopped to question the mindset, motives or criminal background of the white man who hurled an object at what he, deemed to be a speeding vehicle ostensibly to guard the safety of his neighborhood and the children. But his actions beg the unasked questions;

  • Was it not just as dangerous to to hurl an object, potentially causing the car to swerve and injure or even kill the driver or someone in the very community he claims to protect?
  • Does this unnamed man have the right to take the law into his own hands?
  • Does he have a pattern of violence and or a criminal background?
  • Does he have any associations with hate groups such as neo-nazis or is he just individually, actively racist?
  • Was his “racist vigilante neighbor” act taking a page from George Zimmerman’s book? After all, Young was a Black man in a predominantly white area.
  • And why isn’t the white man who initiated an apparent racist attack with three different assaults, under arrest?

To underscore the racial undertones of this story, the unknown man in the attack claimed to have some memory loss immediately after the incident and did not wish to press charges. It appears, since Young was a recognized criminal, the state picked up the charges. To further emphasize the climate, Young’s female companion confirms that the area is very racist and she has been referred to as a N****r Lover her whole life and that in recent years, she and others have received KKK recruitment propaganda in their yards, even in Newark, DE just across the Elkton line. While Eric Young aka Trigga Trig awaits a bail hearing in the wake of apparently unjust charges, supporters are encouraged to share his new single  “Voodoo” and his new album “American Me” on all online stores along with the hashtag #FreeTriggaTrig.