Rapid Changes in Delaware Weather Shows Heat Wave Approaching


    Delaware has been experiencing record-breaking heat waves this winter, and that means an early spring and potential hot summer are approaching.

    Just a few weeks after a winter weather advisory was issued for Delaware, the state’s residents are very optimistic about the upcoming weather. Even with the winter weather advisory issued, AccuWeather meteorologists stated that they expect much nicer weather to “bust loose” soon with temperatures in the upper seventies, according to WDEL.com.

    Even though snow and ice were on the ground just a few weeks ago, people were enjoying Rehoboth Beach as if it were early summer.

    The ability for people to enjoy the beach in March is due to December’s temperatures being the warmest ever recorded in Delaware. In an article on Delawareonline.com, Climatologist Daniel J. Leathers stated that it will likely be a long time before this Delaware heat record is broken.

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released this winter’s weather statistics and found that the U.S. temperature was 4.6 degrees above the average of the entire 20th century.

    The record-high for Delaware in early March was 74 degrees in 2000, and the state has already seen temperatures exceed 80 degrees. It might take people a little longer to adjust to these hot temperatures because of the lack of cold weather.

    The early spring could also have more people heading outdoors and wearing lightweight linen clothing, which can lower overall skin temperature by three to four degrees. And that won’t change any time soon — temperatures will stay around the seventies for the next few days.

    But Delaware residents should enjoy the seasonable warmth while it lasts. Soon those temperatures might be reaching those uncomfortably high levels as summer approaches.