Peace, Love, Poetry … and Prosperity

Peace, Love, Poetry … and Prosperity


For some time, she was just a part-time poet waiting for her chance to express herself on the microphone. She didn’t know that by opening her mouth up to speak, she would open up many doors to her unrealized dreams, and the dreams of many others. Suite Franchon turned a desire to perform, into an entertainment empire.

Although born and raised in Wilmington, she frequently traveled to Philadelphia & New York City. But in Wilmington, she quickly found the lack of platforms for artists there. Suitefranchon bravely took the wheel and started Peace Love and Poetry (PLP), which includes poets, a live band and a DJ. She always continued entrepreneurial pursuits while working a full time job, but her entertainment company took over, and rightfully so. By organizing, producing, advertising, managing, and even performing, she learned that she could do everything. Peace Love and Poetry created a way that she could combine all of her skill sets and talents in a revolutionary way. She has even helped to enhance other careers like that of An Letreece, whom she has worked with for six years, City an amazing singer songwriter, and many more. Her skill set has expanded so much that she now offers classes to help teach others how to do the same thing.

SuiteFranchon operates a one stop shop. Her popularity amongst the artists she works with has solidly grown in the fact that she is an artist herself. She regularly donates her time to various charity works with a special place in her heart for displaced teenagers.

It wouldn’t be long before large venues like The World Cafe Live gave her a phone call in order to bring her following into their space. It was then that she began to realize just how powerful her influence was and still is. Today, with a new solo radio show on Heat 100 Radio, she tells stories of love through music, poetry and song to listeners all over the world. What better way to commemorate this beautifully driven evolution, than by writing a book entitled: Living the Journey; poems of Love and Life by Suitefranchon. It can purchased online alongside many other amazing products through

Suitefranchon is a beacon of truth and echoes one powerful statement about her career which is:

“I am so grateful to have evolved in this business. People should respect that what I do is a business“

This isn’t much to ask from someone who takes her craft as seriously as she does. In a generation where the arts had no solid platform, what Suitefranchon has accomplished is truly inspirational. If Wilmington, Delaware could ever be compared to the Brooklyn Boheme, Suite Franchon would be as royalty amongst them.

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