Pardon of Innocence Workshop Draws Community Leaders

Pardon of Innocence Workshop Draws Community Leaders

Bro. Dwight L. Davis helped young Black professionals earn Pardons

Although rain was predicted for the entire weekend, those determined to make a positive change in the future of their communities actively participated in an inaugural restoration of citizens rights workshop. Saturday May 21st William Hicks Anderson Community Center under the direction of newly appointed executive director, Mr. U’Gundi Jacobs, was buzzing with conversation, music, good food and an overall general feeling of much needed relief in a city plagued with news of strife. Showing the high level of importance for the cause, all but one of candidates for Delaware Lieutenant Governor addressed the group specifically speaking to responsibility of the position they seek has on the Board of Pardons. Several other elected officials reinforced to their current and potentially future constituents their efforts through legislation and funding to redress lingering negative effects of individuals being caught up in the criminal justice system.

Organizer Brother Dwight L. Davis made it clear to pardon and expungement hopefuls that there is no quick fix when pursuing to have one’s criminal record cleared.  It is structural.  Pardon and expungement are mutually exclusive.  Ex-offenders have to gather and complete what can be perceived to be an enormous amount of paperwork as well as secure a hearing with the Board of Pardons.  There are obvious and immediate barriers to initiate the pardon or expungement process which is money (while not an exhaustive list) to pay for such things as a criminal background check, verified criminal record, travel to Dover to pardons hearing, copying, postage, and legal representation.

My table mates, Calvin and Gary during the break queried Bro. Dwight about specifics of information they were seeking. When the session resumed, there were powerful testaments of young Black men who through perseverance and Grace of God earned pardons; all now are fully contributing members in society.  A series of #EduBlogger @mdtolliver @DelawareBlack Tweets live at the event follows:

U’Gundi Jacobs, WHACC Executive Director
Arrests, courtroom visits, and disappointments; all battles overcome.  Jacobs, ED of WHACC received a pardon in 2003 under Gov. Minner. #WGDIT

Bethany Hall-Long, Lt. Governor Candidate
Future is predicated how well our communities function…Pardon of Innocence Workshop WHACC May 21st @Delawareblack @bethanyhalllong

LaMar Gunn, Lt. Governor Candidate
UD & DSU Graduate; NAACP President as Lt Gov will transform role to ‘Jobs ambassador’
Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

Sherry Dorsey-Walker, Lt. Governor Candidate
God is a God of second chances…when you serve your time; you must return to community as full citizen. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack @sherrydorseywalker

Greg Fuller (Sussex County), Lt. Governor Candidate
Has served and pledges his on-going support to those seeking pardons.  Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

Brad Eaby, Lt. Governor Candidate
An attorney who thinks he can be of help to ex-offenders… Pardon of Innocence WHACC @DelawareBlack @BEFirstDE

Kathy McGuiness, Lt. Governor Candidate
If you are poor or brown, you’re likely to have an encounter with the police…Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

Sam Guy newly appointed NCCO county acting executive Chief of Staff affirms county executive directs resources to Wilmington. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

State Rep JJ Johnson Chairman of House Corrections Commission passed Ban the Box legislation. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

Auditor Tom Wagner sits on Board of Pardons hearing on average 52 cases monthly. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

NCCO Exec Tom Gordon ‘Best way to not have pardons is to not have crime; ex-offenders need jobs!’ Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

TESTIMONY Earned Pardon in 2000 now employed; homeowner in City of Wilmington DE. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

TESTIMONY About TWIC card. You can have a record and get a job (start $20 hourly) at the port. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

TESTIMONY Earned his pardon in 2010 Master’s Degree lost teaching job; 3rd time at Pardon Board; works for DC government. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack

More than 50 people gathered seeking pardon Information…taking 1st steps to restoration of rights. Pardon of Innocence WHACC @Delawareblack


Mutually Exclusive
‘In logic and probability theory, two propositions (or events) are mutually exclusive or disjoint if they cannot both be true (occur).’