New Delaware Psychiatric Hospital to Bring 133 Jobs, Crisis Care in 2018


    SUN Behavioral Delaware, a new psychiatric hospital, is expected to bring over 100 jobs and much needed crisis care to Sussex County.

    Although it’s not expected to open for another two years, the new hospital is giving many people something to look forward to.

    Priced at approximately $25 million, the 93,000 square foot psychiatric hospital will reside in Georgetown and is expected to start treating patients by May 2018.

    State officials broke ground for the new hospital on November 2, marking the beginning of an important project for citizens all over the state.

    For many, the new hospital means no longer having to drive hours for quality psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment.

    “This will be a hospital that really is part of a community-wide solution,” said SUN President and CEO Steve Page.

    In addition, Georgetown Mayor Bill West has called the project a service that is “well overdue.”

    Indeed, this hospital may be coming at a crucial time for the state.

    Over the next 50 years, Delaware’s population is expected to grow to over 1 million and be comprised of more seniors.

    According to data recently gathered and released by the Delaware Population Consortium, the state’s population is set to reach 1,076,000 by 2050.

    While Delaware is currently benefiting from its population growth, some counties are populated almost exclusively by retirees.

    Delaware’s aging is accelerating, and the population of those over 65 will increase by 75% by 2050.

    In addition, the younger population is expected to shrink because fewer people are having children.

    With the new hospital on the way, however, those seniors will be able to receive better care within a closer distance.

    The new hospital will be equipped with the latest technology, hopefully aiding in the prevention of data breaches, which cost hospitals over $6 billion every year.

    Mental health advocates are grateful and report that the hospital will fill a much-needed gap in the state.