Miss Black America Contestant and Singer, Nicole Lyn, Releases New Album “Off...

Miss Black America Contestant and Singer, Nicole Lyn, Releases New Album “Off the Beaten Path”


I know that I can stand tall, but I’ll never fall in love if I don’t fall…” The rest of this chorus is a bit edgy, but truly represents the power Nicole Lyn’s lyrics have. This New York born Sacred Songbird went to school for visual arts and fashion design, but found her true calling in music. “I’ve been singing ever since I was a little girl.” From talent shows to church worship, “Now I realized the power of influence music has on people,” states Nicole Lyn. Presently residing in Delaware, her street performing caught the eye of various venues, who recognized her talent and invited her to perform.

Nicole Lyn’s style is soulful and experimental as she draws inspiration from artists such as Sade, Lauryn Hill and Ani Difranco. She writes her own lyrics, produces her own music and loops her vocals over each other to provide a unique contrast and experience for audiences in a live setting. Music is her stage to express her spiritual awareness in a inspirational movement. She wants to empower people and in the same vein, plans to remain independent as an artist.

Her newest single “Waterfall” was released on June 1st and her album “Off the Beaten Path” was released on July 1st and can be purchased via her website http://www.nicolelyn.net. “Waterfall is powerful and something people can relate to. Many of us are tired of the standards society has towards love,” proclaims Nicole Lyn. “Love should be free not stifling.”

Deeply rooted in the fight against domestic violence, Nicole Lyn has donated to the cause and used her voice to make awareness of the issue. This very same cause is her chosen platform while she competes in the annual  Miss Black America Pageant for the year 2016. If that seems like alot, Nicole Lyn is also a chosen speaker of influence for TEDx on August 24th 2016 in Wilmington, Delaware and will be speaking on the power of music in life. Her talk is appropriately titled “Our Subconscious is a Symphony.”

Not only is Nicole Lyn musically talented, but she also designs vibrant and abstract jewelry as her collection is inspired by her music lyrics. Each piece of jewelry serves as an affirmation or a simple reminder to keep the promises one has made to themselves. One of her more recent necklace designs coincides with her single Waterfall. “[The piece] is a reminder to love like a waterfall,” states Nicole Lyn. Her jewelry can also be purchased online. She is quite the busy songstress.

More information: You can follow Nicole Lyn’s music on her website http://www.nicolelyn.netFacebookTwitter,YouTube and Instagram. Her next performance is at Wilmington Delaware’s annual Lady Bug Festival on July 21st.

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