Leader of Wilmington Black Lives Matter Group Shows Support for Hillary Clinton


    Approximately 60% of anxiety-prone individuals saw marked improvements in their condition after six to nine months of meditation, but no amount of meditation can settle the unrest that people feel about a potential Trump presidency.

    Wilmington Black Lives Matter leader Mahkieb Booker certainly thinks so as well.

    The Black Lives Matter leader assisted in the organization of a voter registration drive in Wilmington earlier this month on the heels of Black Lives Matter protests surrounding the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.

    While he agrees with Philadelphia protesters that Hillary needs to do more for African Americans, and notes the community still has a hard time accepting her, it’s clear that for him, a Trump presidency is simply out of the question.

    “When you’re dealing with politics, you have to pick the lesser evil, so to speak. Pick your poison: die fast or die slow,” Booker said. “And people are rallying around the Clintons even though what they did on that note because they know it’s far worse dealing with Donald Trump.”

    Booker, like countless other African American voters, know exactly what they stand to lose should Trump win the presidency.

    Just last week, Trump attended a rally that was comprised of nearly 93% white voters to explain why African American citizens should vote for him.

    “You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?” the Republican nominee asked his non-present black audience.

    Though he painted the community in a desperate lens, as of July, the unemployment rate for all African-Americans was a mere 8.4%.

    The Republican nominee’s remarks were so distorted that Clinton’s campaign even put out a statement, castigating them.

    “Trump painting the entire community as living in poverty with no jobs continues to show he is completely out of touch with the African-American community,” the statement said.

    Booker has personally said that he believes Clinton will do a better job combating the issue of police brutality, though he said the community still needs to bring added attention to the problem at hand.

    Booker is calling prospective voters near and wide to “dump the Trump.”

    “The only African Americans Donald Trump is appealing to are sellout, Uncle Tom, boot lickin’ huckelbuck shuckin’ and jiving, dancing sellouts,” he said.