Keeping It Fresh, The Marvin Sapp Interview

Keeping It Fresh, The Marvin Sapp Interview


Twenty seven years ago, an amazing artist was discovered by a man widely known as Fred Hammond.

In 2006, he became popular for a song entitled “never would have made it” and he will still tell you the same thing today.

Marvin Sapp has a name that has traveled across lines of ethnicity, and even genres. This says a lot for a man who has specifically chosen gospel music as the genre that he speaks through. It is not uncommon for one who starts their career in gospel to remain within this sphere of influence alone, but Marvin has told about one special time where he was told by a well known rap artist that his hit song, “Never Would Have Made It” hit home for him too. Isn’t music supposed to transcend all walks of life, after all? Still, one of Marvin’s greatest challenges is to live his life as complex as it is, in front of the entire world.

He says, “You can’t go through things, behind closed doors,” you have to go through things in front of people. He continues to say that this was one of his most touching experiences. It is the situations we don’t expect, that often change our perspectives. Living life in the limelight, especially on a spiritual platform, brings about a lot of unrealistic expectations. Marvin continues to have a broad perspective on life as a whole. He is still a normal person with normal trials and conflicts within the industry.

Marvin advises other spiritual people in the entertainment industry that they have value, and being a christian doesn’t mean you have to be passive, you must be stern and determined in any field you choose. A great example of setting these standards can be found in his participation of the Mcdonalds 15 city tour starting in Detroit Michigan. The tour focuses on about single dads and the power of influence that they hold.

Marvin himself is a father of three children ages 22, 19, and 17 years old. He gladly attributes all of his diversity in music to their taste. Regardless of what their taste is, gospel music has evolved and there’s something for everyone.

In order for one to articulate one must tap into God. By this understanding he says, we are all creative.

It is God influencing him in life to see things a certain way. That’s where his music essentially comes from. Our spiritual DNA is different and everyone is responsible for tapping into that individuality. As hard as it may be to believe, there was a time when Marvin didn’t want to do what the world knows and loves him for today. Thankfully, he answered his calling, and there is no one like him because of it. His greatest piece of advice to new gospel artists:

“no matter what style your music is, make sure the lyrical content is Christian. Inspire people to have a closer relationship with GOD”

The elements of music that move us, aren’t always so obvious. In this case it is safe to say that Marvin doesn’t pursue gospel music, he pursue’s his own relationship with God. This element alone in infectious.