Jordan Hines Promises Bold Leadership

Jordan Hines Promises Bold Leadership


On Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 Jordan Hines, candidate for State Senate of the third district, held his campaign kick-off. The event was held at the FRAIM Boys and Girls Club with residents, elected officials, local leaders, friends and family in attendance.

The event began with junior dancers from Hilltop Dance Team and former Boys and Girls Club of Delaware CEO George Krupanski gave the opening remarks. Krupanski cited his longstanding relationship with Hines, noting from a young age, “his enthusiasm, infectious smile, ability to listen carefully.. as well as his intelligence, would go a long way to serve him well.”

Shekelia Hines, wife and physical therapist, asked audience members to imagine what they were doing at the age of 20, what stage of life they were in and their hopes, before speaking to Jordan Hines’ experiences at the same age. She referenced his passion for politics sparked by Sarah McBride, work with FAME and involvement in both political as well as community based activities. She was “surprised by how Jordan spent his Saturday mornings saying, “I recall one day in particular, before our date, he was calling folks to encourage them to donate to a girl in his class whose parent’s couldn’t afford her healthcare treatment for cancer,” and also “his ability to balance life, family and his political interests.”

Keith James, Master of Ceremonies for the event, asked the audience to stand before announcing the senatorial candidate.

Jordan Hines spoke of his humble beginnings but focused largely on his promise of bold leadership: embracing technology, being honest about how policies affect constituents and crafting legislation based on data and best practices versus “the recommendations of a few.”

Regarding transparency Hines noted, “another theory of mine: Lying to you is not going to get me into heaven!” to which much of the crowd applauded.

Addressing current elected officials, Hines proclaimed, “we have too many elected officials that get so complacent in their seat that they start calling it their seat! It’s not your seat! It’s the people’s seat!”

Lastly, Jordan Hines’ platform addressed support for small and large business, bail reform, greater measures of success for non-profits, investing in the arts and recruitment of minority teachers to improve educational outcomes.

The candidate thanked his campaign team, friends and family for their support before asking them to “help create a vision for this [3rd] district that Dover cannot ignore.”

You can find more information about Jordan Hines, including his campaign video and full platform at