In The Eye Of Terretta’s Storm

In The Eye Of Terretta’s Storm


It is always interesting to look into the lives of local artists, but this story is especially enlightening. Terretta Nachelle Howard is a local singer and songwriter of Wilmington, Delaware. Although her image is often interpreted as soulful, she doesn’t discriminate in the music she makes. Her single “ Terretta’s Storm” in fact, is a tribute to alternative rock in sound, and her diversity is maintained throughout.

The only thing that can ever get between Terretta and her music is her background and sometimes finances. As the saying goes “ making music is an expensive hobby.” However she appears to create art that surpasses the millions in value. Nonetheless, she is happy with her life for many reasons.

“I would do what I always wanted to do either way. I think often we take people for granted and the gifts that we have for granted.”

Terretta is big on being grateful. She is especially grateful for her children and works hard to fulfill her dreams in order to show them, that they too can accomplish their dreams. Some of the choices she has made did not make her very happy, and although her road is not the most pleasant, she is very grateful for who she has become in the process. She believes that everyone should live their life and find happiness despite of.

Music is something she has always wanted to do. As a child she would watch her aunt perform.

“Music is just something that has been around me all of the time”

In her upbringing however, there was not support for the arts. So Terretta got married and had three wonderful children. After her children were born, she got into education and just sang in church, still she always wanted it to go further. There just weren’t many resources available. And as a mother, it was difficult to focus on music. The lack of fulfillment grew heavier, and to add to this terrible feeling, Terretta ended up getting a divorce with only three lovely children and a wiser soul to show for it. Turns out some things can be a blessing in disguise. After her divorce, she met someone that pushed her to go for it. She is also very much in love as a bonus.

If Terretta could leave the world with one lesson, she would say how important it is that people love themselves. If you start life by loving yourself, it is easier to love others. When people criticize you, then those things wont be able to penetrate you. She has her own experiences of being broken, family not encouraging her art, but understands that sometimes it is just generational.

“I’m worthy of peoples’ time. I’m worthy of success. I’m worthy of love.”

Terretta is known as Terretta’s Storm, but the warm confidence she exudes appears as if she remains within the eye of every storm in her life. Great character. Although she comes from a gospel background, she is inspired by Imagine Dragons, Adelle, and of course Stevie Wonder. She celebrates her life by passing on values and self love to her children. Her key to growth is appreciation, and she exudes this in her music, and towards the people that love her.

Terretta, the music industry needs you. We need your words, we need your character, we need your strength. You are the future of our inspiration. In whatever you aspire to do, you light sparks in darks corners. Thank you.