going Naked the series

After nearly two years of layering artistic comedy with satire and stripping down stereotypes, December 6th marks the date for independent filmmaker and founder of SOtv Productions, Stephani Ouzts, to introduce a web series revealing the un-sexy lives of four very different friends trying to survive in a city ruled by tiny, overpriced apartments; broken heels from falling down corporate ladders; closed Bibles to gay hands holding them; actors that audition for a living rather than make one; and where being single and thirty- something was suddenly equivalent to seeing a unicorn buying a metro card in Times Square- Going Naked.

Going Naked is like Sex in the City, right? I get that question far more than I’d like, but the answer is no. First, we’re brown and we live in a world that’s less inclined to cater to us,” explains Stephani Ouzts, creator, writer, and director of Going Naked.  That concept developed the characters and plot of the series.

This seductively funny comedy features a lineup of New York’s most talented actors.  Stephfon Guidry plays Journey, a non-flamboyant gay male actor trying to make it out of roles like ‘Die Negro Die’ and onto Broadway.  Kenya Wilson plays Morgan, a rainmaking marketing executive with a brown female boss that makes it impossible for her to get a corner office with a view.  Jessica-Brittany Smith plays Kenya, a woman who holds on to her religion while her church kicks her off the mother board, not because she’s too young to serve, but because she’s gay.  Stephani Ouzts plays Brooke, a southern belle undefined by that stigma, who could care less about finding a man, but everyone else seems to care about finding one for her.

Intertwined with Going Naked’s eloquence, is the distinctive, dry humor nestled in tragic circumstances that are relevant to anyone who knows how unreasonable life can be.  This unapologetic series exhibits the unglamorous realness of New York and how being a minority comes with their own unique set of issues.

Each episode is inspired by real circumstances that shape the unforeseen plot.

Expect the humor in Going Naked to be sharp, educated, and witty.

Going Naked is metaphorical to its name.  The realness of being able to ‘go naked’ and tell things as they are is what infuses this bold cinematic synergy.

The celebration of being a minority and telling their truth is what makes these characters relatable to anyone watching.

On December 6th 2015, Going Naked sparks season 1 of seductively funny Sundays on YouTube-9/8c!

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