I Have White Friends

I Have White Friends

#WomensMarch, January 21, 2017

The day after Women’s March participation numbers magnanimously dwarfed U.S. Presidential Inauguration attendance count of January 20, 2017. Post-march, there’s no getting back to business as usual. White daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts…all women have returned to their coveted places where few if any Blacks frequent. Sitting in pews at church, at kitchen table in the home, in the workplace, everywhere awaken Americans are advocating that Women’s Rights are Human Rights.

Finally there is evidence proof positive to show, Blacks are not in the struggle alone. The makeup of civil rights activists as a group in the 21st Century is exponentially more inclusive. Rampant injustices in finance, education, employment, health care, criminal justice, and housing have been wantonly imposed upon the bottom 99% of all people, nationally. We voted, we didn’t get it wrong about who could best lead our nation. Billionaires who now sit in high places in government in 2018 and 2020 election Years, CHANGE will happen again. I’m predicting unprecedented voter turnout so that we can regain our voice duly earned through popular vote.

Since I’m not a fan of or related to Omarosa or Ben Carson, I’m going on record with President Trump that as an African America, I have always had White friends. Trump is a student of Blacks’ winning strategies in entertainment and politics. With imitation being the best form of flattery, Trump’s playbook targeting Whites to win over the Presidency is a carbon copy of Obama’s election strategy. It’s reasonable to consider Trump will follow suit in diversity favoring Whites to staff his team. Trump signed an abortion executive order surrounded by White men.

‘I love the uneducated’ is one of the strangest rallying cries Trump used to get Electoral votes mostly from middle America. In setting policy, Trump has basically characterized Black America as a liability. Billionaires are very loyal to their philanthropic causes focusing on underrepresented, marginalized groups. The rich sees the world not from how they live but from the constructs of the world as they know or want it to be. Trump is giving all the incentive needed for a ground swell in voter turnout.

So when Trump calls, how should Blacks answer? Jarrett Carter, Sr. responding to Talledga College band participation in the Inaugural parade, says it best, “The key to countering Trump isn’t war with his politics or his efforts to change ours; it is reinforcing the urgency to develop our own. It is more than watching for marginalization of our culture, but making that effort secondary to cultivating our own power to prosper.”


past tense: marginalized; past participle: marginalized
treat (a person, group, or concept) as insignificant or peripheral.