Hi, Hello: The Frustration of being a Good Woman in a World...

Hi, Hello: The Frustration of being a Good Woman in a World who celebrates Hoes…


I am Monique Pope and I am a good woman. PERIOD. I am a woman who knows my worth. I am a woman who loves to encourage and push those around me. I am God-fearing praying woman. I am a woman who loves to take care and love people. I am an educated black queen.

No I will not apologize for being any of those things. No I won’t change myself or standards just to be with anybody.

No I won’t settle for just anyone.

Being the “good woman” used to be a standard in our society. When I was young I always aspired to be a good woman. A woman who know how to take care of herself and her man and children. A woman whose morals and work ethic were top notch. A woman who valued herself. A woman who controlled a room by just simply existing.

A woman like my mother, aunties, adopted aunties, my mom’s friends, women I saw in church, teachers, etc. who exemplified to me all the attributes a good woman should have. I feel like I am a mixture of all the good women who God has placed in my life….continue on TalkThatTalkMo.com

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Mo Pope is the owner/creator of www.talkthattalkmo.com. She is a 20-something year old, up-and-coming blogger from Delaware that is not shy about sharing her opinion. Visit her blog and learn more about this up north girl with a touch of southern charm.