Trump sounding the alarm

In 2013 during the second term of the Obama administration, I was fired from my job in the worst way. A horde of angry Whites literally locked my Black ass out of the workplace. After toiling for 12 years and while running a successful nonprofit, eventually my entire staff composed mostly of people of color lost their jobs, too. My staff and I are all degreed professionals with family and community obligations afforded by having had job security and professional level income; and now we struggle. I was a child of desegregation. During my formative years in the 1960’s, I along with a generation of Black students suffered the wrath of angry Whites while we were doing what every kid in America was required to do is go to school and get the best education possible. There were fights, grade failures, and White educators directing Black students en masse to vocational rather than academic school careers.

During this national election, once again time has revealed that Whites are angry at anyone who’s not white and willing to act on their anger. For me, it was hella-scary to think that Donald Trump, epitome of angry White man, was one breath away from being the most powerful leader of the free world, President of the United States.

Civil rights laws provide protections for Minorities. Mr. President Elect, we are expecting you to recognize, relate to, and put into place solutions to ease American citizens’ societal pain. It has now been well established that there is a demographic identified as the Black community. The black community encompasses families from economically high to low; liken to Obama’s residing in a northwest DC mansion to Brown’s living in a southeast DC project. Everyone can agree that in the black community needs are diverse, extremely different. However, our expectations of the government have been unchanged.

Donald Trump as an individual and corporation has always lived a privileged life of the proverbial top 1 percent.  All Americans have been hopeful that our government would operate most efficiently, leaving no citizen with burdens or needs. Our elected officials have been given a worthy task which is to make America great again. Donald Trump sounded the alarm, setting an agenda for our future and America responded.


extreme anger
synonyms: anger, rage, fury, outrage, spleen, vexation, crossness, displeasure, annoyance, irritation.