Former Vice President Joe Biden Graced With His Own Ice Cream Flavor


    Advertising is pretty powerful, even the largest of companies are investing in different marketing and advertising techniques as a way to boost the visibility of their brand. This even goes for colleges and universities.

    Take Cornell University in Upstate New York for example. The university is known for its high standard of academic excellence but is now in the news for a specific flavor of ice cream involving former Vice President Joe Biden.

    The former Vice President, and Senator from Delaware, Biden is known to love ice cream and the Internet is full of viral videos of him expressing his catchphrase, “My name is Joe Biden and I love ice cream.” And while there are 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced in the United States every year, there is now one specific flavor dedicated and named after this self-proclaimed ice cream aficionado.

    Cornell Dairy is an ice cream processing plant on the Cornell campus that wanted to commemorate Biden’s May visit. The former Vice President was visiting as convocation speaker, and the dairy producer wanted to do something a little special.

    It all started when Biden was officially named as the 2017 commencement speaker. His intern had casually mentioned to Cornell Dairy’s quality manager and academic program coordinator, Deanna Simons, that Biden loved the frozen dessert, so she decided to name a flavor after him. As her job includes creating new flavors, Simons reached out to The University of Delaware, Biden’s alma mater, to see if they had any other information.

    The Delaware University had intel that Biden’s favorite flavor was chocolate chip, and they confirmed to Simons that Cornell’s flavor would be the first one named after the politician.

    So Simons chose vanilla chocolate chip as the flavor and asked the campus to come up with fun names for the treat. After narrowing it down to five different choices, Big Red, White, and Biden was born. For perspective, Big Red is the nickname given to Cornell’s sports teams.

    Simons explained to PBS that this collaboration was a great way to end the school year. “It was a really nice relationship between the dairy making the ice cream, the students being involved, and getting everyone excited about this idea,” explained Simons.

    This is especially true considering that Cornell Dairy is a relatively small company that doesn’t get much publicity on the campus. Considering that 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business had it not been for their sign, this small dairy producer will forever be known as the Vice President’s ice cream of choice.

    Cornell Dairy gave Biden a freshly-scooped cone of Big Red, White, and Biden right after he finished his address. They also made enough of the flavor to give out to everyone who attended the convocation, around 4,000 scoops, so everyone could try.

    In response to learning about his own personal flavor, Biden remarked;

    “I got to admit the real reason why I came today. I love ice cream.”

    He also mentioned that the dean of Cornell’s school of agriculture told him their ice cream was the best because they have the “smartest cows.”