EVEnterprise Delivers Relief Package To Flint During Poisoned Water Crisis For The...

EVEnterprise Delivers Relief Package To Flint During Poisoned Water Crisis For The 2nd Year

We are going back to Flint, Michigan!

Erin Hutt and Vanity Constance, owners of EVEnterprise

On Tuesday, February 2, 2016, Erin Hutt and Vanity Constance joined forces on a missionary road trip destined for Flint, Michigan. (2,227) 16.9 oz bottles, (24) Gallon jugs, (6) 2.5 Gallon jugs, (51) bottles of hand sanitizer, (25) packs of lysol wipes, and (11,789) baby wipe were delivered directly to the community.

After visiting the neighborhood located on East Baltimore Ave, the International Academy of Flint, and 2 small churches, we stood on a vacant corner on a busy street, Pierson and Saginaw Street, to give out the remaining donations.

This year they would like to make sure they reach the elderly, sick, and shut in. They have reached out to organizations, churches and schools to ensure those in need are reached. They leave Wilmington on the morning of Friday, February 3rd for the 10 hour drive to Michigan.

They appreciate Councilman Trippi “Ernest” Congo for contributing the van for their sprint back to Flint. Also thankful to Babe Styling Studios, Kingswood Community Center and West Side Grows together for being drop off locations for donations. Per Flint residents, bottled water, baby wipes and hand sanitizer are the items needed the most. Donations will be collected until February 2nd.

“Residents of Flint are still in need, but because the press is no longer focused on the water crisis, the donations have stopped. It’s important, in community organizing, that you follow up with the people you served. We’ve built relationships with families in Flint and we want them to know we haven’t forgotten them,” says Erin Hutt, co-owner of EVEnterprise.

Vanity Constance, the other half of EVEnterprise, says, “We only get this one life, if I can have a chance to make a difference in someone else’s life – this is my legacy.”

EVEnterprise is a newly developed business which focuses on providing innovative marketing solutions for corporations and bridging the gap between corporations and the community. EVECares is an initiative to provide small cities throughout the country with support during a difficult time.