Entrepreneur Maurice Furrow Turns Passion Into Business

Entrepreneur Maurice Furrow Turns Passion Into Business

Maurice Furrowh, pictured above donates sneakers during a community sneaker drive last year.

Since 2015, Maurice Furrowh and business partner Greg Parker have been building and expanding their sneaker company Laced the OG. The “sneaker source” for sneaker heads and enthusiasts across the Delaware area, Furrowh is half of the growing brand that stands to be more than just a sneaker company.

New Castle native and founder Furrowh says his love for sneakers started in his childhood. A self-proclaimed “PAL kid,” a reference to the Police Athletic League of Delaware where Furrowh grew up playing basketball. Always in need of a new pair of sneakers, Furrowh’s interest and fascination with them began to grow.

As he grew older, Furrowh had dreams of owning his own sneaker store but due to expenses decided to look towards sneaker shows. After visiting multiple shows, Furrowh and Parker finalized the concept of Laced the OG previously known as Laced Sneaker Company.

“We went to a couple different sneaker shows and we saw how people were set up and we said ‘we don’t have anything like this in Delaware we should bring it here.’” “So we brought it to Delaware and we were really successful with it.”

Within the past two years, the company has found local success. They partnered with the Delaware 87ers basketball team in 2015 and recently with the Long Island Nets.

“After our first show, the 87ers reached out for a possible partnership and we have been with them ever since.”

In recognition of their partnership the Delaware 87ers and Laced the OG will be hosting a Sneaker Convention on January 20, 2018. The convention will be held at the University of Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center from 2pm-6pm. General admission will be $20, which covers attendance at the Sneaker Convention in addition to the Delaware 87ers game which will follow. At the event sneaker heads and vendors are invited to buy, trade and sell at the convention and immerse themselves in everything the convention has to offer including giveaways.

Outside of events, and his passion for sneakers, Furrowh credits “the youth” and “the community” to keep Laced the OG growing.

“It started with just sneakers but it is so much bigger than that now. I do it for the community and for the people. I don’t do it just because I like sneakers,” Furrowh said. “The youth also inspire me,” he added. “The youth and their knowledge of the sneaker world amaze me, it motivates me to keep up.”

Showing no signs of slowing down, Furrowh and Parker are to take Laced the OG’s recognition to the next level. But in the meantime are maintaining their social media and online presence. Visit Laced the OG and keep up with what is new in sneaker culture on the following platforms.



Website: www.lacedtheog.com

Instagram: @lacedtheog

Facebook: Lace The OG