Delaware Startup Negotiates For Its Customers to Save Them Money


    No one likes paying their bills. In fact, 26% of U.S. adults admit to not even paying their bills on time.

    In Delaware, a startup company promises to help residents save money on their bills, negotiate better rates, and provide a better financial situation for everyone.

    According to DelawareOnline, Shrinkabill, a new company, is saving Delaware residents hundreds of dollars a month.

    “Living on Social Security means I often have to choose between paying my bills and buying groceries,” said Michael Kulyk, a 60-year-old disabled veteran.

    Kulyk was able to cut down his $179 cable, Internet, and telephone bill to only $35 thorough Shrinkabill. He ended up saving roughly $420 a year.

    Jordan Wolff, creator of Shrinkabill, talks directly to these cable companies and negotiates on behalf of his clients. In his company’s infancy, he’s been quite successful so far.

    “It’s actually cheaper for these businesses to lower their rates to keep you as a customer than to try and get a new customer,” Wolff said. “That gives you some leverage to negotiate a lower bill.”

    Wolff has been running his startup remotely since May and is helping people save close to $300 a year, at least.

    “Most of the time, I can get providers to approve a 20% discount on a customer’s bill,” added Wolff. “What a service like Shrinkabill offers is expertise in how these service providers operate, how low they can go, what buttons to push, and how to push them.”

    Wolff’s company isn’t the only startup around online that is offering cheaper prices on bills. Business Wire reports that BillShark, another bill negotiation service, has its own app available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

    “Most people don’t have the time or patience to wiat through calling queues to speak to a representative about lowering their monthly bills,” said BillShark co-founder, Brian Keaney.

    A few other companies that offer similar services are BillCutterz and BillFixers.