Delaware Author Encourages a Second Chance

Delaware Author Encourages a Second Chance



Demia Avery is the owner of Avery Group PR and Co-Founder of Avery Sisters Entertainment in Atlanta, GA.  In addition, Ms. Avery has recently added “author” to her title, as she releases the e-book, “The Roadblock is You”. The release date is Saturday, August 6, 2016, available through her website and Amazon.

The Roadblock is You is not your average self-help, motivational style book.  Her book speaks about acting on your second chances while going after your dreams, in a very down-to-earth manner. Her book also touches various subjects such as,”unblocking the blessings you blocked the first time around” going after your dreams.

In this book, Demia shares some of her own personal experiences in hopes of helping others to understand that “you are not alone in your journey”. She too has been there, and done that.

The Roadblock is You is a “must purchase” for anyone, especially those who may have given up or feel that it is too late for them to go after their dreams.  Demia believes that it is never too late for a second chance, never too late to start over again, and never too late to have new dreams for yourself. While reading the book, Demia takes a very candid approach in pointing out things that may have been roadblocking issues for you in the past.

“You have been through it all and you are still here. You are still alive; your passion for life has not gone anywhere.  You still want your dreams, you can still have it. You have been blessed with another day, another opportunity, a second chance. I am operating in my second chance, let’s go through it together, and do not waste it”!

About the Author: Demia is currently the owner of Avery Group PR located in Wilmington, DE. Her passion is helping others bring their dreams to life.  Demia feels that by going through lessoned learned experiences throughout her career and personal life, she can be an ambassador for the words “never give up”.  For more information about Demia Avery and  The Roadblock is You, please visit: or email your interest to