Chains Inc. And Vanity Constance Delivers Relief Package To Flint During Poisoned...

Chains Inc. And Vanity Constance Delivers Relief Package To Flint During Poisoned Water Crisis

Chains Inc. teams with City of Wilmington and the Delaware community to offer Flint, MI support


On Tuesday, February 2, 2016, Erin Hutt of Chains Inc. and Vanity Constance of Westside Grows Together will join forces on a missionary road trip destined for Flint, Michigan. Amidst the Flint water crisis, “DE Sprint to Flint” is a Chains Inc. initiative which allowed Delaware residents to donate supplies that are essential survival needs for the Flint community. Delivering the large relief package ensures the residents will receive Delaware’s collective donations immediately.

“Our First World country has water issues” says Vanity Constance of Westside

Grows Together. “I’m going to make a small impact on a major issue.”

Since January 29, 2016, “DE Sprint to Flint” has received a donated vehicle from the City of Wilmington, 3,497 baby wipes, 1,267 bottles of water, $300 for supplies, 35-1 gallon water jugs, 30 canisters of disinfectant wipes, and 2 bottles of hand sanitizer. This will supply more than 50 families with a case of bottled water, giving each family the opportunity to avoid using the Flint River water supply for one more week.

“The residents are ingesting lead because of a decision made by one of their leaders” states Erin Hutt, CEO of Chains Inc. “Water is something we take for granted and people easily forget how vital it is, not only to drink-but to cook and clean. As a community and youth activist, it is important for me to do my part in all communities, not just the one I reside in.”

“DE Sprint to Flint” will continue to accept additional donations at West End Neighborhood House until 2/2/16 at 12pm.

True to providing community service, Chains Inc. operates from several facilities, based on client need. The mobility allows for Chains to operate effectively, going out into the community to serve students in New Castle and Kent counties of Delaware. Our annual highlighted events are Delaware’s 40 Under 40 celebration and Delaware’s 20 Under 20 celebration, both highlighting positive contributing citizens of Delaware under the age of 40 and 20.

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