Black Youth Count

Black Youth Count

The simple act of going to school can no longer be a death sentence. #RIPAmy

Former City of Wilmington, Delaware Mayor Baker quipped only ‘1 in 10’ Blacks graduate from college.  And in the same television broadcast Pastor D, Red Clay Consolidated School District at-risk youth programming provider, stated that the ratio of high school girls to boys is 1 to 7. Their expertise had been sought out surrounding community reaction to the tragic loss of Howard High School (Howard) teenager Amy Joyner-Francis.

WHYY First for April 29, 2016

Delaware school student population is approximately 135,000 which is composed of 51% male and 49% female overall.  At Howard, the male to female student population ratio is about 1 to 3. Thereby these exaggerated statistics are inflammatory being cited as catalyst for females fighting at school.

In Delaware 40% of high school students graduate and go seamlessly into college. High school graduation rate for Blacks is 80% overall.  College degree attainment in Delaware overall is at 40%.  It is at best suspect that the cited 1 in 10 ratio accurately portrays Black post secondary academic success.

Rodel Foundation Delaware Schools Statistics At-A-Glance

Summer is quickly approaching. The time to act is now to get Black community youth engaged in jobs and/or enrichment programs.  Summer youth employment although highly competitive, information is available at Delaware Department of Labor Summer Youth Employment and directly through its grantees.  Institutions of higher learning (DSU, DelTech, UD…) offer enrichment programs ranging from sports to academics.  City and County Parks and Recreation Departments offer youth summer programming.  High school counselors may be a point of contact to help families secure youth opportunities.  Local libraries provide online access to many youth agency listings and resources both locally and nationally.

Department of education website is a reliable source for student information and statistics.  Kids Count Delaware annual publication is another credible resource for information about Delaware’s youth.


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