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Faith Harvest Worship Center
Our Food Box is a Food Ministry administered through the “Jolin Food Box, Inc.” Program.
This ministry is comprised of awesome, name brand “hand selected” food and distributed by authorized partner sites on a monthly basis. This is NOT outdated or near expiring food. Faith Harvest Worship Center is an authorized partner site and is licensed to process EBT. There are no qualifications, requirements or restrictions. Anyone can purchase and in any quantity. Check out the Menu (packages) of food offered. Orders can be placed on “in person order days” or online by the closing date and you pick up your beautifully boxed food from the partner site on designated distribution day. Menus generally change every month. If you were to purchase these items from the supermarket you could expect to pay on average 60-100% more.
An incredible way to help your community. If interested in becoming a partner site, please, I would be happy to speak with you and assist you in every way possible.