Thursday, April 27, 2017
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Kelvin Lesene Jr

Kelvin Lesene Jr. is 23 years old from Wilmington DE, his prayer is that, “My words inspire a generation, and invoke a culture and generation to get the best out of everything, from life, love and total purpose.” With a burning passion for his generation and generations to come, Kelvin Lesene Jr has been chosen to be a catalyst for change in this generation. Driven and motivated by the idea that there is a need for a complete shift in culture, Kelvin prides himself on being that culture shifter. It is often said that there is no longer hope for the culture and this generation is in a hole deeper than any one person can pull them out of. As long as there is one person like Kelvin Lesene Jr there is always hope.

Affluenza is a psychological malaise that is said to affect wealthy young people who in all understanding have developed a need to “keep up...

The culture is in trouble and unless we do something quick, we will lose those few things that make us distinct and recognizable. I’m...