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Accomplished Author, Writer, and Poet, Freda Camille from Delaware and New Jersey, beautifully pens her life testimony through lyrics and verse in her poetry book The Storms Caused My Faith. This work was self-published in 2004. In collaboration with co-authors of "Things I Wish He Knew," Freda becomes transparent and vividly reveals a traumatic event that took place in her life that could have ultimately prevented the maturation of the amazing and successful woman she has become. Freda Camille has been writing for over 28 years. Freda works as a Licensed Practical Nurse in pediatrician's office, and is a Youth Leader at New Destiny Fellowship Church, Wilmington, Delaware. She has mentored young ladies in her community, and has spoken at treatment facilities in PA, NJ, and youth programs in DE. She used these moments to become transparent and share her testimony about the various adversities she has overcome in her life such as: molestation, teenage pregnancy, depression, and was her mother's care taker due to mental illness. The writings in each of her books provide a safe environment allowing the reader to connect, identify, and work through experiences which were suppressed. She wants you to know and see that you can get through it, you can heal, and things will get better. Freda has also appeared as a supporting actress in an independent film "Found." You can contact Author Freda Camille through her website and social media platforms.
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