Ask Aunt Faye About ‘OAA’

Ask Aunt Faye About ‘OAA’

Renaissance Woman shares gift and passion caring for older Americans

In recognition of Older Americans Act (OAA) Reauthorization signed into law July 19, 2016 which made it possible for the past 50 years and now well into the future, older adults throughout their lives can live the lives they want and with the people they choose.  Everyone is familiar with the Renaissance Man well, it is high time to shine a spotlight on the Renaissance Woman.  Someone particular that I have in mind is Aunt Faye.  Aunt Faye’s gift and passion is helping older adults.  Taking full advantage of OAA, Aunt Faye’s help comes in the form of pampering.  The type of care she gives seniors is life sustaining and of the highest quality.

In every Black family there is that auntie who puts fear in your heart yet at the same time you will fight an army of enemies to protect her; that’s Aunt Faye.  Everything in which she endeavors she makes her own.  Her style, craftiness, and wisdom are often sought out by friends and strangers.  Who do you know in this day and time still just to name a few: cans preserves (she makes the best applesauce), prepares and brings a ten-gallon pot of Chitterlings to Xmas pot luck brunch, rides a motorcycle with the men in the club, and is a former Mrs. Delaware Pageant winner?

Aunt Faye, mother of all boys, now men and along with her husband of 40 years, they enjoy big family gatherings with every dish homemade from scratch; bowling in tournaments throughout the East Coast region; and riding her motorcycle on road trips to Round-Up events throughout the nation.  Endearingly tagged by students who were fortunate enough to be assigned to her school bus is “Mrs. Faye don’t play”, her riders knew how to behave when Aunt Faye was behind the wheel.

Did you know older adults can receive hot, nutritious meals delivered at home from Meals on Wheels, Easter Seals provides respite care allowing caregivers worry-free vacation time with their families, Fed Ex delivers at home medications and adult hygiene supplies in bulk, and Hospice makes regular home visits to give supplemental nursing care?  A high level of access to resources for older Americans happens because of advocacy.  Under OAA it would be great if a caregiver of such a unique kind be provided pay to support and give advice to others new and/or experienced in aging adult care.  Maybe in the form of an ‘Ask Aunt Faye’ App, valuable older American adult information and resources can be readily accessed from your smartphone with just a simple tap?


Chitterlings (/ˈtʃɪtərlɪŋz/ or /ˈtʃɪtlɪnz/; sometimes spelled/pronounced chitlins or chittlins) is an economical dish, usually made from the small intestines of a pig, although the intestines of cattle and other animals are sometimes so named when used as a foodstuff.