Are You a Planner or a Procrastinator? Perception is Everything…

Are You a Planner or a Procrastinator? Perception is Everything…


We are halfway through 2017!  If you are a planner, you may be feeling good about how the year is flowing.  If you are a procrastinator, you may be shocked that we are already halfway through the year!  Whether you want to become a better planner or stop procrastinating, a successful year can start with the first day of your week.

Perception is everything.  Look at your daily tasks from the perceptive of your entire week – not just that day. Leaders and entrepreneurs have the tendency to create to do list for the day with tasks they couldn’t complete in a month!  Examining the week as a whole allows you to have a realistic view of what you can actually accomplish.  Create your daily action list based on the reality of your week.

Ask yourself:

What major events have I committed to this week already?

  • Is the gala this week or next week?

Am I supposed to be with my family or friends this week?

  • My son’s recital is Thursday!

Are there any important holidays?

  • Is it Father’s Day next week?!

Are there any major projects or issues coming up this week for my clients? Family?

  • The new heater gets installed this week AND I have a big presentation too!!

Do I have time in the week to decompress?

  • Five days straight of 14-hour days with no sleep – not good!

How many hours did I have for capacity building?

  • I never have time to work on my own business – I’m too busy doing something for everyone else!

Will the weather change my schedule at all?

  • Rain on Tuesday – The fundraiser dinner is outside without tents!

Once we’ve changed our mind, we can now put this into action!  Pick the day before YOUR week begins and prepare your REALISTIC daily task list.  Believe it or not – 75% of people pay for phones that they don’t use to capacity!  Your smartphone has the ability to remind you about your task list and tie it to your calendar.  Writing helps your brain commit things to memory, so personally I prefer the old school method of the faithful pen and pad.  Write your tasks based on your new reality of your week.  You may find you have even more time than you expected!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “People only see what they are prepared to see.”  Change your perception.  See your business stay in a daily state of success and growth.  Start today!

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Jennifer L. Henry is the Founder and “Chief Girl Friday” of La Femme Friday.
La Femme Friday is an innovative personal assistant company designed specifically for entrepreneurs. For everything you never have time to do or and everything else in between. With over 15 years experience in administration in various industries, we found the same underlying need for everyone – reliable, professional and invaluable support. The “Girl Friday” team has been serving leaders and businesses in the Philadelphia Region for the past five years.