Adopt-A-Student Program Helps Delaware Families Prepare for The School Year


    Donations are an essential part of American society. Every year, millions of people donate items that directly improve the lives of people in their own communities, across the United States, and even in other parts of the world. Many donated products are given new life in developing nations where people can purchase used American products for pennies of the original price. Internationally, more than 14.3 million tons of donated American textiles help clothe struggling individuals and families.

    Although international donations are helpful and necessary, certain communities remain focused on donating locally to improve societal conditions at home.

    According to, the citizens of Delaware have been urged to donate any and all school supplies throughout July and early August to help poverty-stricken students.

    “It’s critically important that Delaware’s kids are prepared to learn on the first day of school, — and we can all help make sure that’s the case,” said Delaware governor John Carney.

    The Human Services Council, Inc. and the Department of Health and Social Services are teaming up to organize and run the annual Delaware Adopt-A-Student program. Local businesses, organizations, and individuals have been asked to provide everything from backpacks and school utensils to gift cards in order to assist families living in poverty who cannot afford these items.

    “The Adopt-A-Student program through the Department of Health and Social Services offers children from low-income households the opportunity to get school supplies and uniforms they will need to be ready for that first day,” Governor Carney added. “I urge Delawareans to donate to Adopt-A-Student so our students can take that next step toward success.”

    Delaware State News reports that Delaware also recently hosted its annual Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede run and walk to help raise both awareness and money through donations for Adopt-a-Family, Adopt-A-Student, and other local charities.

    “Our goal is to take away some of the stress parents and low-income families encounter when they prepare children for a successful school year,” added Lisa MB Johnson, Program Administrator for the Adopt-A-Family program. “We want children to focus on their educational experience and not whether or not they have the tools to manage during the day.”