2nd Annual Richard Allen Coalition Gala @ Georgetown Cheer Center

2nd Annual Richard Allen Coalition Gala @ Georgetown Cheer Center


The Richard Allen School in Georgetown opened its doors in the 1920s as one of eighty schools built for African American children in Delaware by philanthropist Pierre S. DuPont. It continued to serve as the heart of the African America community for over half a century. When desegregation was implemented, it became part of the Indian River School District. Six years ago the school district decided to close the school.

In 2014 a diverse group of men and women came together to form the Richard Allen Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to restore the school so it can once again be a cultural, civic and educational center.

In 2015 the Delaware General Assembly passed a bill which deeded the building to the Richard Allen Coalition. At the bill signing in front of the school on August 12, 2015 Governor Jack Markell said, “In the end, it came down to members of the community who had a vision that they wanted to keep

In 2016 the Coalition continued the work to make their vision a reality. With your support, a consulting firm specializing in historic preservation projects was hired and their final report is due in
March 2017. Throughout the year, Dan Parsons, Sussex County Historic Preservation Planner has been interviewing former students of the Richard Allen School so that their experiences will become a part of the history of Sussex County. National historic Foundation also awarded a grant to help fulfill the vision.
Our 2nd Annual Gala will be held on Saturday, February 4, at 5pm at the Georgetown Cheer Center. Please consider joining us.
When Richard Allen School opened its doors it was a beacon of hope for African Americans living in Jim Crow Delaware. When it reopens it will welcome all of us who want to learn about the past
while helping our youth explore their talents and prepare for a wonderful future.

Please join us on our journey to open the doors of the Richard Allen School. The enclosed form explains how you can help raise the money to renovate and restore the Richard Allen School.

The Richard Allen Coalition

Jane Hovington, President
Betty Deacon, Executive Director